We have a long history of experience in cyber security. Our staff was intimately involved in the domain long before it was known as cyber (You know, back in the days when it was simply called “IT Security”). With decades of experience working in the crucible of cyberspace operations, we are skilled at establishing enduring relationships. We support and execute short and long term mission efforts, tailored to mission requirements. We provide a full spectrum of cyber services to national and military elements of the Intelligence Community, Homeland Security, and the Department of Defense.

Our capability service offering spans the full range of cyber disciplines.

  • Red / Blue Team and Hunt Operations
  • Special Technical Operations Plans and Analysis
  • Cyberspace Policy, Plans and Operations Support
  • Full Spectrum CNO support
  • Operational Planning and Engagement
  • Military Planning / Policy
  • Exercise and War-gaming Support
  • Systems Engineering and Architecture
  • Joint Information Environment
  • Engagement / Synchronization / Architecture
  • Capability Evaluations, Integration and Prototyping
  • Trusted Members and Advisors in Joint and / or Cyber PMO Elements