Defense Health

Varen Health, a division of Varen Technologies, is committed to focusing on mission driven initiatives to meet the ever changing needs within the Military Health System and the DoD. Varen Health recognizes the unique challenges within the Military Health System, including the importance of readiness, access to care, population health, patient experience, cost containment and consistency across the care continuum. We are committed to creating and implementing results oriented plans that integrate the clinical and business processes within the Military Health System. Varen Health is dedicated to providing high caliber professionals to assist in all aspects of health system integration.

We strive to reach this mission through the dedicated work of our team. Through our team we offer a range of both civilian and military health system expertise. We combine this expertise to bring best practices and benchmark data to the clients we serve. We support the Military Health Systems mission by promoting the integration of a systems approach to fostering a culture of transparency, collaboration, consolidation and accountability. We recognize that to increase health outcomes we must work together on an engagement strategy, breaking down the layers of authority to ensure that all stakeholders within the system are involved in this strategy. It is important that Varen Health work with clients to be proactive and get ahead of the game, taking action to reduce non value-added, unnecessary and redundant activities. We do this by identifying clear goals with our clients and ensure that we stay focused on those goals. Varen Health focuses on applying lean principles to embrace a culture of improvement.

Varen Health has the dexterity to bring innovative solutions, high caliber professionals and the most current technologies to solve the most challenging problems.

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