Quality Assurance Plan

Varen’s Corporate Quality Assurance Plan was developed and remains current with CMMI Principles, best commercial practices and government standards. Our Corporate Quality Assurance processes are well documented within the Varen Corporate Quality Assurance Plan, where Varen’s corporate strategies and implementation plans are outlined to ensure all QA activities are addressed. Our QA Plan is continually tailored to meet the specific requirements of each program we support to include all software, hardware, and documentation developed and maintained by the Varen Technologies Team.

Varen’s Corporate Quality Assurance approach applies proven methods and standards to ensure the quality of deliverables identified within contract Statements of Work (SOW). We apply a systematic approach to monitor and manage quality which involves the collection and subsequent analysis of metrics to provide direction, monitoring, adjustment, and control of interrelated activities and processes. This iterative process provides feedback into our quality, mission engineering, and other processes in support of all Program Management functions.

Varen’s Quality Assurance Program begins at inception of each program where quality assurance processes will remain integrated and embedded throughout every phase of the program. Varen program managers ensure quality of its delivered services and products through:

  • Gathering initial estimates from the SOW to develop agreed upon program requirements.
  • Coordination with the government stakeholders to establish quality objectives by deciding the scope and frequency of quality assessments and reporting policies
  • Formulate metrics which are incorporated into a program’s initial planning documents
  • Collection of metrics by each process which are leveraged to adjust initial cost, effort, schedule estimates and provide continual feedback into all planning efforts
  • Use of management information systems to capture metrics and other performance information which ensure continuous, positive control and visibility of accomplishments to all program stakeholders
  • Gathering of refinements from the activities associated with each process, application integration, testing, training, operations and maintenance, and change management
  • Apply master schedule priorities, requirements, and constraints in concert with decisions provided by Government configuration control boards to further drive QA processes
  • Generated Quality Assurance Plans and Metrics Reports for our clients, as well as recommendations for improvements to processes that will ensure successful government program implementations
  • Periodic Quality Management Reviews and Independent Reviews

Varen also offers its clients accessibility to its corporate quality assurance resources online through the Varen corporate management portal. Government program and contract managers can monitor full life cycle program deliverables current status 24 by 7 via the management portal. This online resource provides real-time customer assurances that necessary quality assurance and control measures are implemented throughout product and service delivery lifecycles.